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I’ve written countless articles, blog posts, whitepapers, books, and more. Now, I’ve packaged all my knowledge about content writing into one place – Niche Workshop. Learn everything it takes to make it as a professional content writer in the age of AI.

Jeremy W Shantz - Professional Content Writer and Digital Marketer

"I teach you the real deal - Exactly what you need to be a great content writer and live the freelancer's dream."


Everything from research and citation to SEO and ghostwriting.

A man is happy now that he is a content writer, having learned from Niche Workshop Specialty Training.


Yourself to real-world experience, professional consultations, and advice – all a part of our training program.


More money as a professional content writer with a legitimate referral.* 

* Must have successfully completed the Niche Workshop Content Writer Training Program to qualify for a professional referral. Results vary depending on a number of factors, but mostly your commitment and the time you’re willing to put into your own success. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

3 Reasons To Start Today

1. Graduates Get Access To Our Publisher's Network

Graduate and access our publisher’s network where you can find real content writer jobs and offers.

2. Get Personalized Reviews By Real Professional Content Writers

Get started on the right path and get personalized reviews of your writing from real content writing professionals while you learn.

3. Learn To Run Your Writing Like a Real Business

Learn how to maximize writing efficiency, use AI tools the right way, scale your work, and find clients like a pro!

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